Talking through Art was founded in 2015 by Petr Kočnar, a young professional from the Czech Republic.

Walking the streets of Kigali, Petr kept noticing destitute people with disabilities. Since he had a previous work experience with disabled people and an art background, he decided to approach them and organize an art therapy program. After the success of his program, Petr officially established his NGO in February 2015 with the dream of helping disabled people gain new skills, confidence, and a place in the job market.

Our main activity is vocational training in traditional basket weaving. We also provide art therapy, English classes, family planning, and other life skill classes, all in an effort to build confidence of our members, strengthen their self-esteem, and help them become independent and active participants of the Rwandan society.


Founder and CEO

Petr Kočnar is a young professional with an art background and a passion for equality. Originally from the Czech Republic, he previously worked in Nairobi, running educational programs for children on eco-farming. Petr believes that disability is not an inability, and works toward equal opportunities for handicapped people. Petr has taken classes in mental health care, patient manual handling and first aid, and is a certified massage therapist. In his spare time, he loves travelling and photography.

Finance & Fundraising Manager

Jean Chance, nick named Jeda, joined TTA in May 2018. He is in charge of the TTAs finances and fundraising efforts. Jeda studied finance at ULK-Université Libre de Kigali (Kigali Independent University of Economics and Business studies). He's worked in finance the past 6 years and he is a fun person, loves his job and is a great colleague to us all. In his free time, he loves swimming, listening to music and playing badminton. He is a big fun of reading books, especially novels. His dream is to be an actor. Jeda has joined TTA for one purpose and that is to help TTA to grow and to help as many people with handicap as possible.

General Manager

Placide is our volunteer teacher. He joined us in July 2016 and teaches basic English as well as reading and writing for those who had no formal education. Placide performed various other jobs before his passion for helping others brought him to us. He says that TTA is like a family to him now. In his free time, he goes to church, reads books and watches tv series. He loves serving his country and participating in Umuganda.

Area Manager

Honorine was one of the women we approached in the Southern province and soon proved to be a reliable and respected partner. We have therefore decided to put her in charge of the operation in Kabgayi and make her an area manager. She started weaving traditional baskets at the age of fifteen and is an experienced weaver now. She loves watching movies and listening to music.

TTA Staff

Emilienne has joined TTA in 2015 as a member and quickly learnt how to weave baskets in a most professional way. Her English has also improved very fast and TTA decided to employ her to be in charge of the house, teaching new members weaving and also in charge of the kitchen. Emilienne loves welcoming visitors and she likes preparing meals for TTA members. She also loves selling our baskets at occasional markets.

TTA Staff

Jeanne came to TTA in 2015 as a member to learn how to weave baskets. She has also been studying English well and soon became a part of TTAs team. She got employed by TTA and is in charge of teaching new members to weave, welcoming visitors and organizing TTAs gallery. Jeanne lost her arm during a bus accident and she loves interacting with new TTA members and encourage them to join and be confident despite their handicaps.

TTA Staff

Josee joined TTA in 2015 as a member and quickly learnt weaving and English. She has been employed by TTA to be in charge of welcoming visitors, TTAs garden and teaching weaving to visitors and new TTA members. She also loves taking care of the house, making sure its clean and organized. She helps Jeanne with preparing materials for weaving.